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Session B-Let's Learn About Skincare!!!
by Roshe Anthony - Wednesday, 20 May 2020, 3:41 PM

So excited for today's class. Today we will be learning how to make the right choices for ourselves and our clients. 

You'll need your skincare samples, a bowl of hot water and a towel to dry you face... This won't be until well after your breaks before we go live!

Be sure to activate your CHAT so we can discuss questions you have about your skin... 

Tootle-Looooooo :-)


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by Roshe Anthony - Monday, 18 May 2020, 4:00 PM

Hello Everyone, 

Due to technical difficulties with our new system we will be going LIVE today on Zoom. 
You will receive an email with a link to view the workbook as well as the link for Zoom. So it is imperative to check your email. I opened it for 3:45pm, so that everyone will be able to be sure...
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